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Submit your GST return

Your GST return will either:

  • be available in myIR Secure Online Services, or
  • be mailed to your postal address.

Complete and submit your GST return online through your myIR Secure Online Services account

You can submit your GST return online through myIR. This is made available in your account usually at the end of your taxable period. Once you've completed your first GST return through myIR you will no longer have a paper return mailed to you. Instead, we'll let you know, usually by email, that your GST return is available in myIR to be completed and submitted by the due date.

The following personal details will be included in your return:

  • your name (title, surname, last name)
  • your trade name if applicable
  • your IRD/GST Number
  • your contact details
  • your bank account details
  • your ratio percentage (if applicable)
  • taxable period.

The benefits of filing your GST return through myIR

  • You’ll receive email reminders (Alerts) when your GST returns are due for filing to help you to do your GST on time
  • You can delegate someone else to do your returns on your behalf.
  • It’s personal to you and tailored to your circumstances.
  • You can save a copy for your own records
  • It saves you time in the long run by having all your GST electronic records in one place
  • It gives you immediate confirmation once your GST is filed, so you know we’ve received it
  • It’s secure and simple

If you don’t have a myIR account, register for one today. Soon it will be the only way to file GST!

To see how filing a GST return through myIR works, go to our online GST filing demonstration.

Filing a paper-based GST return

If you do not file your GST return through myIR, we will send your GST return to your postal address. It should have the following details printed on the top panel:

  • your GST number
  • the period covered by the GST return
  • your mailing address
  • your daytime phone number, and
  • the DLN (document lodgement number) under the barcode.

You will need to complete panels 3 and 4 if the details are missing or are incorrect on the paper-based GST return we sent you.

If any of the information on the GST return does not match with our records there will be a delay in processing the GST return. We may need to phone you to ask which business and period the GST return was intended for.


It is important that your phone number and address appear on the GST return, not your agent's. Also, please fill in the boxes completely, instead of using "as above" or "not applicable".

Who can sign the declaration on the GST return?

The table below shows the people responsible for completing the declaration for each of the set-ups stated:

Type of set-up Person responsible for completing the declaration
A one-person business The business owner
A partnership A partner
A trust A trustee
A company or incorporated society A director or statutory officer
A statutory corporation An authorised person
An unincorporated club or society An executive committee member
A joint venture A member of the joint venture
An estate An executor
A public or local authority An office holder
Anyone else may be authorised by any of the above



When you have submitted the GST return you will need to:

  • print and sign the receipt page, and
  • keep a copy for your records.

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