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Manage account access - Lesson 3: View and edit user details

The following screens will show you how to view and edit user details for an account.

After you have logged in to the account you need to go to the top right of the screen
and select Manage account access (see Lesson 2: Create new users if you require help with the login process)

User administration

To find a user you can search by role, status or services as well as the name and User ID.

User administration screen with enlarged search box for clearer details on search options.
[Larger version of image]

For this example we will search User by selecting Role, then selecting Search.

Search users enlarged from the right side of User administration screen, to emphasise detail.

The result would display a list of all Users in the account.

User administration screen with results of search for User.
[Larger version of image]

We then selected John Tasman (by clicking on his name), so that we could edit his details.

View or edit screen where you can amend users in the account.
[Larger version of image]

We are changing John's Role from User to Administrator under Account access.

Account access details from the View edit user details screen.
[Larger version of image]

We are also changing his Support person to Arthur Tasman.

Support person details from the View edit user details screen.
[Larger version of image]

Now that we have changed John's access to Administrator he will automatically be given access to all services that are available to this account. Only Users have to be given selected access rights.

Select Save to commit these details to the system.

View edit second screen of check and save details.
[Larger version of image]

After you have saved the changes you will be presented with a Receive confirmation screen. This will advise:

  • the time of the changes
  • that the person's details have been modified
  • that they will be notified by email of the changes.

From this screen you can go back to User administration if you have further changes to make.

View edit confirmation screen after changes made.
[Larger version of image]

This is the end of the lesson on Viewing and editing user details.

Where to next?

Lesson 4: Viewing user access reports.

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Date published: 01 Jul 2008

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