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IRD numbers

An IRD number is an eight or nine digit number unique to you - it's important because all your tax, entitlement and personal details are linked to this number.

You need an IRD number if you:

  • earn income from any source, including a job, benefit, pension or investments
  • join KiwiSaver
  • apply for a student loan or child support
  • start a company or go into business
  • file tax returns
  • apply for Working for Families Tax Credits (your partner and children need IRD numbers too).

You may need to provide your IRD number if you are buying, selling or transferring New Zealand property.

If you don't have an IRD number, your employer will deduct income tax at the highest "non-declaration" tax rate of 45%.

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How to find your IRD number

You can find your IRD number:

How to get an IRD number

Before applying for an IRD number, customers that meet the definition of an offshore person need to have:


For a fully functional New Zealand bank account

Take our Documents to confirm your New Zealand bank account is fully functional (IR984) to your bank. It provides the details your bank needs to confirm your bank account is fully functional. 

For customer due diligence by a reporting entity

You'll need to have the reporting entity complete section 10b of the form or have them provide a letter confirming they've completed customer due diligence in accordance with the Anti Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009.

We'll send you your new IRD number within 8-10 working days.

International customers applying for an IRD number

International customers are people or entities that fit the legal definition of an offshore person.


If you're visiting New Zealand on a working holiday visa or temporary work visa you'll need to get an IRD number.

Follow this four step application process

You'll need to complete an application form to get an IRD number:

Register as a non-resident GST business claimant here


When applying for an IRD number for an offshore partnership, each partner provides their New Zealand IRD number with the application. If they don't have an IRD number they will each need to complete an IR742 form and send it in with the IRD number application for their partnership.

New Zealand citizen or residence class visa holder applying for an IRD number 

If you've been overseas for the last year or more continuously, you may be an offshore person and will need to follow the application process for international customers. 

You'll need to complete an application form to get an IRD number:


When starting a new company you can choose to be issued with an IRD number when you register with the Companies office.

When registering the birth of a new child with the Department of Internal Affairs, you can choose to have an IRD number issued at the same time.

Submitting your IRD number application

If you're in New Zealand

For the IR595 and IR742 - you'll need to take your completed application form with the original and legible copies of supporting documents to either:

  • Automobile Association (AA) Driver Licensing Agents, or
  • PostShops.

They'll verify your application then forward it to us.

For the IR596 and IR744 - send the completed form and supporting documents to us at the address on the form.

If you're overseas

For the IR742 and IR744 - send the completed form and only the legible copies of supporting documents to us at the address on the form or email it to

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