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Things to know before becoming a scheme provider

Before becoming a scheme provider you should familiarise yourself with the following:

What Description Find out more...
KiwiSaver Act 2006 and regulations This legislation contains all the details and requirements that your scheme must meet to be eligible to register as a KiwiSaver scheme.

KiwiSaver Act

Taxation (KiwiSaver and Company Tax Rate Amendments) Act 2007 This gave effect to Budget 2007 announcements including the new tax credit for members of KiwiSaver schemes.

Taxation Act 2007

Peripheral legislation Other legislation affecting the KiwiSaver initiative includes:
  • Superannuation Schemes Act 1989
  • Securities Act 1978
  • Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996
  • Income Tax Act 2007
  • Tax Administration Act 1994
Legislation and policy
KiwiSaver website Learn about the roles of employers and KiwiSaver members so you can fully understand your part in the process. KiwiSaver website
Brand usage The KiwiSaver brand is a registered trademark. You can only legally use it if you meet certain conditions. KiwiSaver branding
Scheme provider agreement (SPA)

The SPA:

  • defines the relationship between you and Inland Revenue
  • establishes mutual legal obligations
  • describes reciprocal expectations on customer service.

If you are interested in becoming a KiwiSaver Scheme Provider you can request a copy of the SPA documentation by emailing

Operational requirements


Technical requirements