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KiwiSaver Trade Marks

Inland Revenue is the owner of trade mark registrations for the word "KiwiSaver" and the KiwiSaver logo. We need to ensure the KiwiSaver trade marks are used appropriately in the marketplace and that this use is authorised. This helps to ensure the public are not confused, misled or deceived and maintains the integrity of KiwiSaver.

We may grant a non-exclusive licence to KiwiSaver scheme providers to use the KiwiSaver trade marks in New Zealand in connection with their involvement with KiwiSaver. There is a licence agreement included as part of the Scheme Provider Agreement for use with KiwiSaver scheme providers.

The KiwiSaver Trade Mark Requirements set out requirements relating to the use of the KiwiSaver trade marks. The requirements cover the use of the word "KiwiSaver", the use of the KiwiSaver logo and its correct format, colour and typeface. It also has some specific requirements regarding the distribution of KiwiSaver schemes

Download a copy of the KiwiSaver Trade Mark Requirements

March 2011 | PDF | 14 pages | 166kb

If your organisation wishes to become a KiwiSaver Scheme Provider please email us at to request a copy of the Scheme Provider Agreement (SPA). The SPA includes a technical specifications component as well as the KiwiSaver Trade Mark licence and KiwiSaver Trade Mark Requirements.

Organisations wishing to use the KiwiSaver trade marks who are not KiwiSaver scheme providers will have to apply to us for a licence agreement. Before entering into a licence agreement, we consider factors such as the proposed use of the KiwiSaver trade marks and the nature of the applicant's business

For a trade mark licence agreement application form you can email