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KiwiSaver for scheme providers
Poua he Oranga mō ngā rōpū whakarato kaupapa

Operational requirements

The following operational requirements are outlined in the scheme provider agreement (SPA).

Start-up requirements

Before the first official transfer of file information to Inland Revenue can take place you must meet the following requirements.

Operational support requirements
You must meet the business and IT operational support requirements and service levels which are set out in Schedule E of the SPA.
Receipt of contributions
You must confirm your fund's bank account details with us.
Dedicated contact person/team
You must have a dedicated contact person or team in place.
Business continuity and disaster recovery
You must implement a business continuity plan.
If you want to use the KiwiSaver brand before signing the SPA you can apply for a licence now by contacting the KiwiSaver communications team. More about branding >

Ongoing requirements

Ongoing requirements for scheme providers include:

Scheme information
All KiwiSaver schemes must make their current prospectus and investment statements available to:
  • members (for active choice members)
  • employers (for employer-chosen schemes)
  • Inland Revenue (for default provider schemes).
Brand obligations
KiwiSaver brand guidelines govern the use of the KiwiSaver logo and name. Both are trademarks of Inland Revenue.

The SPA contains a licence agreement under which we will grant a non-exclusive licence to you to use the trademarks in New Zealand in connection with your involvement with KiwiSaver.

We may also give single-use permission in writing to non-licence holders, provided that their use of the trademark is acceptable to us, and subject to approval of final artwork. More about branding >
You must produce an annual report including audited accounts and membership details, similar to the reporting requirements of the current Superannuation Schemes Act.

You will also need to lodge an annual statistical return with the Financial Markets Authority.
Regular review meetings
You must meet at least annually with Inland Revenue.