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Report tax evasion or fraud anonymously form

Paying tax is important - it pays for things that make New Zealand a great place to live. Most people do the right thing and pay their fair share. We are committed to targeting tax evasion and fraud.

If you have information about tax evasion and fraud, you can report it to us anonymously by:

Please provide us with as much detail as possible so we can identify the correct individual, business or industry that you are providing information about.

The purpose of collecting this information is to help Inland Revenue in its administration of the Inland Revenue Acts, including investigation individuals and businesses who do not appear to be meeting their tax and social policy obligations.

Providing your name and contact details is voluntary. We will keep your details confidential within Inland Revenue unless we are required or authorised to release your details by law.

You will be able to save or print your details and be given a reference number. Keep this number if you want to report more information about the same matter.

More information

Our tax secrecy obligations prevent us from providing you with progress updates or other details of any investigations that may result from the information you have provided.

What happens to the information you provide

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