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Everyone files and pays on time

Whether we're talking tax, student loans or child support - most people pay on time.

Most people also file on time. We know that when it comes to tax, if a customer doesn't file a return on time, they may also struggle to pay the tax they owe on time.

In all cases, paying what you owe by the due date means avoiding penalties and interest. That's why we work hard to make it as easy as possible for you to file and pay on time and contact us quickly if you miss a due date.

What we're doing

We focus on prompting people to get overdue returns filed, particularly employer monthly schedules (EMS). That's because EMS can impact the entitlements employees receive, like Working for Families Tax Credits.

We remind customers about their filing and payment obligations before and after due dates, through text messages, letters and phone calls.

When a customer misses a filing or payment date, penalties and interest can quickly add up. So we contact them right away, to help them get back on track.

We're always looking for ways to improve our processes, services, the way we communicate and the information we offer customers. That's because we want more people to get their returns filed and get debt-free - whether they owe tax, student loan repayments or child support and whether they're here in New Zealand or overseas.

It's important to remember that student loan and child support obligations don't disappear when people go overseas. We take action ourselves, and work with overseas collection agencies, to get these customers' debts paid.

How you can get it right

Map of New Zealand with teal tick on right side

Check out our "Basics for everyone" for key things you need to do to make sure you pay the right amount on time. For example, letting us know when your contact information, family or work situation changes.

Building on that, you can make sure you get it right by: