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GST updates for 2017

Find out about GST updates for 2017, including new tax types and quarterly filing frequency.

There are changes coming to GST and GST related services in 2017. Some of these key updates and improvements are listed below.

GST online changes

There's a new GST section in myIR. It looks a little different, but you can still to do everything you used to - plus some new things.

Find out about these GST online changes

New quarterly filing frequency

If you have overseas clients who supply remote services to New Zealand customers, a new quarterly filing option is available. All these existing customers will have their filing frequency automatically changed to quarterly.

This takes effect for the quarterly period ending 30 June 2017 onwards.

New tax types in relation to GST

There are two new tax types in relation to GST.

GSD (Goods sold in satisfaction of debt) return

If you need to account for GST for goods sold in satisfaction of debt for your clients, you'll need to complete a Goods and services tax return for goods sold in satisfaction of debt (IR373).

Once you've filed the return and we've processed it, this tax type will be an option for you to link through to in the new GST section of myIR from 7 February.

Then you can file your clients' future GSD returns online.

Legal costs (LGL)

When legal costs are present for a client we can link you to your client for this new tax type. Just call us on 0800 456 678 when this is required and we'll create the link.

Alerts and notifications

Reminder alerts

  • As well as email reminders you can now choose to receive text messages to remind you to file GST returns for your clients.
  • Tax agents and others that have third party access to a GST account will only receive email and text alerts for those accounts.
  • There are now additional email and/or text message reminders for overdue returns and payments.
  • You may notice that you'll receive overdue payment and return reminders from us earlier than in the past.

Messages (Secure Mail)

You can send and receive messages to us through the new GST section in myIR.

Message privacy

Although others may have been granted access to a GST account, only the person that sends the message will be able to see it and any responses from Inland Revenue.