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Tax agents
Ngā kaikaute

What is E-File?

E-File is a way for tax agents to transmit data from their own computer system directly to our mainframe. You can also receive your client lists, debt letter 1 reports and summary of earnings reports.

What you can do with E-File

Subject to availability in your software package using E-File you can electronically send:

  • returns, including:
    • Individual income return (IR3)
    • Non-resident income tax return (IR3NR)
    • Companies income tax return (IR4)
    • Income tax return: Estate or trust (IR6)
    • Partnerships and look-through companies (LTCs) income tax return (IR7)
    • Income tax return: Māori authorities (IR8)
    • Income tax return: Clubs or societies (IR9)
    • Tax credit claim form (IR526)
  • GST returns
  • a request for or confirmation of a personal tax summary
  • correspondence on its own or attached to a client's return
  • changes in your client list
  • changes in your client details, eg a change of address, and
  • stationery orders.

Benefits to tax agents

E-File increases the speed of transactions, improves efficiency and reduces costs. 

Speed of transactions

Speed is increased because you:

  • receive quick confirmation that returns, correspondence and requests for the tax agent management system (TAMS) reports have reached us
  • receive refunds quicker. If the refund is to be direct credited to the client's bank account the process is even faster, and
  • gain electronic access to notice of assessment details.

Improvement in efficiency

Efficiency is improved because:

  • the software package contains edit checks which reduces errors
  • you can electronically update your client lists so you can make sure they are accurate
  • you can request some of our stationery items electronically
  • you can request up-to-date information on client lists, return filing performance and client provisional tax at any time, and
  • you can monitor progress towards extension of time targets.

Reduced costs

Costs are reduced because:

  • your communication and stationery costs are reduced, and
  • you'll need to invest less staff time and cost in keeping your client list up-to-date.

Benefits to clients

E-File gives your clients a better service. They will receive their notices of assessment and refunds quicker. For any refund payments that are direct credited into their bank accounts the process will be even faster.