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Client maintenance forms and guides for Tax Agents

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Ceasing a client's tax type

Use this form to request a tax type to be ceased for a client. You can also ask for the tax type to be delinked from your client list after the cessation has been processed.


Client linking or delinking

Use this form to add or remove a client from your tax agent client list.


Disputing a notice of proposed adjustment (NOPA)

If we propose to adjust a return you've filed, we'll generally send you a notice of proposed adjustment (NOPA) first. This guide tells you what to do if you receive a NOPA that you disagree with.


Disputing an assessment (IR776)

This booklet follows the disputes process from when you first want to dispute an assessment or Inland Revenue decision to what happens after a challenge is resolved in court.


E-File correspondence destination codes

List of codes to use when E-Filing correspondence to us.


E-File registration

Use this form to register for Inland Revenue's electronic filing system for tax agents.


Existing client changes

This form is to tell us about any changes needed to your client's records.


If you disagree with an assessment or decision (IR778)

If you have had your tax return assement sent to you and you do not agree with our assessment, this is a guide to help you dispute it with us through the proper procedures.


Notice of proposed adjustment (IR770)

Use this form if you want to change a return you've filed or you disagree with an assessment or decision that we've issued.


Notice of response (IR771)

Use this form if you want to respond to a notice of proposed adjustment (NOPA) that we have sent out to you.


Notice to waiver a time bar

This notice must be signed and delivered to the Commissioner before the expiry of the relevant 4-year period.


Request for PAYE exemption on schedular payments (IR332)

Complete this form if you are in business and want a PAYE exemption on schedular payments you receive. This service can also be completed online.


Tax agents' adjustment request form

Use this form to request a minor adjustment to your client's account.


Provisional tax estimation (IR309)

Use this form to estimate or re-estimate your provisional tax. This service can be completed online.


Business cessation IR315

Businesses that officially cease trading can use the IR315 to finalise their taxable liabilities for GST and employer taxes.