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myIR, payments and more

The income tax obligations of a business

In running a business you need to account for income tax on your profits and the expenses or deductions you may claim against your income.

Look-through companies and qualifying companies

Find out how to become a look-through company (LTC), what your tax obligations will be, what happens when your company is no longer an LTC, and maintaining or ceasing qualifying companies (QC) status.

Sole traders

A sole trader is a person trading on their own.

Types of business income tax returns

Different types of income tax returns for different businesses.

Filing your income tax return at the end of the tax year

Learn about the kinds of income tax return that must be filed at the end of the tax year based on how the business is operated, due dates for tax returns and what to do if a person has difficulties in paying income tax.

Partnerships and look-through companies (LTCs)

In a partnership, two or more people run a business together. Companies with five or fewer shareholders can elect to be a LTC.


A company is a formal and legal entity in its own right, separate from its shareholders with its own unique tax obligations.

Trusts and trustees

General information about how trusts and trustees are taxed.

Budgeting for tax payments

Like all other business expenses, you have to budget for the tax payments you are required to make.