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Has my refund been processed yet?

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Our processing times for refunds

Your return must be processed before we issue any money back due to you. Our processing timeframes for a few of our main non-business types of refunds are in the table below.

PTS refund timeframes
Request a personal tax summary (PTS) 5-10 working days
Refund from confirmed PTS 5 working days (direct credit)
  8-10 working days (by cheque)
Refund under $600 from unconfirmed PTS 15 days


Other types of refunds
IR3 (Individual tax return) 10 weeks
Tax credit claims 4-6 weeks

If you have filed a return, you can check its progress through myIR Secure Online Services.

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If you're due a refund and have other amounts owing from previous years that aren't under an instalment arrangement, or child support arrears even if they are under an instalment arrangement, your refund will be used to pay these first. Any remaining credit will be refunded to you.

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How to check the progress of your money back

The easiest way to check whether we've processed your return or refund is through the 'Income tax' section of your myIR. You can find it by logging in to your account, scrolling down to the 'Account details' section and clicking on 'more detail' under the 'Income tax' heading. This will take you to a summary of your income tax information which shows the last few tax years and if the assessment for those years is finalised, and if so, when.

If a credit has been transferred to pay other outstanding amounts, myIR will also show you which.

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Changing your address or having your refund sent to a different bank account

myIR allows you to update your address or bank account in real time. As soon as you update your new details we'll start using them.

To check what address or bank account we have for you login or register for myIR.

Confirming your PTS before we send you your refund

Make sure you've confirmed your personal tax summary (PTS) if you're waiting to receive money from it. Until you confirm to us that the details on your PTS are correct, we can't issue any refund you may be owed.

Find out how to confirm your PTS