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GST (Goods and services tax)

About the GST registration process

The table below explains the process steps to register for GST.
Stage Description Find out more....
1 Find out about taxable goods and services. About GST
2 Work out if you need to register for GST. Who needs to register
3 Find out the requirements for voluntary registration or special types of registration. Voluntary registration

Registration of non-profit bodies

Registration of separate branches or divisions

Group registration

Registration of an agent or representative
4 Work out what information you need before you start the registration process. Get ready to register
5 Choose how you want to account for your GST. Accounting basis
6 Decide how often you will need to file your GST returns. Taxable period guidelines
7 You are now ready to register. Register now
8 Work out what you need to do - now that you have registered for GST. What to do after you registered for GST

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