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Making electronic payments

You can pay electronically by credit or debit card, direct credit, internet banking, automatic payment or direct debit.

Credit or debit card payments

You can make credit or debit card payments using Visa or MasterCard.

If you use myIR to manage your accounts, you can make a card payment directly from there. Your Inland Revenue account information will be prefilled for you and you'll have the option to save your card details for future use.

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You can only make card payments directly in myIR for accounts accessed in your My Business tab.

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You can also make a credit or debit card payment from our website

We receive the following information about card payments:

  • the IRD number for the account you're paying
  • the amount of the transaction
  • the amount of the convenience fee (if applied), and
  • the period the payment is being credited to.

The bank charges a convenience fee of 1.42% for any credit or debit card payment made to us. The exceptions are student loan and child support payments made from overseas. Convenience fees are paid to the bank, not us.

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Direct credit payments

Direct credits are one-off payments where you've authorised your bank to make a payment from your bank account to a payee's bank account. We recommend you use the pay tax function provided by most New Zealand banks.

Use the following details when making a direct credit payment to us.

Particulars: IRD number (if you have an 8-digit IRD number put a zero in front of the number)
Payee code: Account and period (with a space), eg INC 31/03/2016
Reference: Leave blank

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Internet banking payments

Use the following details for setting up your internet banking payment.

Name of bank: Westpac
Name of account: Inland Revenue
Account number: 03 0049 0001100 27

Particulars: IRD number (if you have an 8-digit IRD number put a zero in front of the number)
Payee code: Account and period (with a space), eg INC 31032016
Reference: Leave blank

Leave the payee code blank when you're making a payment for:

  • ARR - arrangements
  • KSS - KiwiSaver voluntary contributions
  • LGL - legal decisions
  • NCP - child support liable parents, and
  • RUL - rulings and determinations.

Check your bank's website for their daily cut-off time for processing same day payments if paying by internet banking.

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Automatic payments

You can make payments for a regular amount for a fixed frequency, eg fortnightly, with an automatic payment from your bank account. this may suit you if you're paying off an amount of outstanding tax.

You can set up an automatic payment using your bank's online services (if they offer this service), or complete an Automatic payment authority form (IR586) and give it to your bank to set up the automatic payment.

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Direct debit payments

You can make payments to us by direct debit.

One-off payments

If you use myIR to file returns, you can authorise a one-off direct debit payment for any amount you may owe for that return period. You can save your direct debit details with us, but each time you have a new amount to pay, you'll need to confirm your authorisation for us to take the money from your bank account.

Scheduled direct debits

You can authorise us to make regular direct debits from a nominated bank account to pay money you owe us, without further action being required by you. This may suit you if you're paying off an outstanding debt.

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International payments

If you're overseas and don't have a New Zealand bank account to make payments from, you can pay by money transfer.

Find out more about our fee-free money transfer options

You can also pay by direct debit in myIR if you have an Australian bank account. This service is provided by Citibank.

Accounts for electronic payments

To make sure we process your payments correctly, you need to include the account you're paying, eg INC for income and provisional tax and DED for employer deductions.

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