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Transforming Inland Revenue
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What's changed for tax agents

You'll notice some changes when you log in to myIR. While your homepage will look the same, your "GST" section is now called "Business".

Overview of the changes to myIR

The GST section has been renamed to Business. You'll still be able to file your GST, but it looks different to what you're used to. From this section, you'll now also be able to file and amend returns for the following:

  • gaming machine duty (GMD)
  • fringe benefit tax (FBT).

We've also simplified the process for registering clients for new account types. This means you can apply for multiple tax products with a single registration in myIR.

Your clients will no longer see the full name and email address for any Account tax preparer or Customer tax preparer logon who has access to their accounts. Instead they'll just see the logon details and agency name on returns and actions completed on behalf of the client. This should reduce client confusion over who is managing their accounts.

You'll continue to file employer returns as you normally do.

My Accounts/Client Accounts

This no longer exists. You can now access your workspace from the Customers tab or the Accounts tab.

Customers - this shows the clients you have in your workspace at their IRD number level. You can navigate into the client from this tab and review the accounts you have for them in your workspace.

Accounts - this shows the accounts (tax types) for the clients you have in your workspace.

If you have more than 12 clients or accounts you'll have a list view. We've incorporated your feedback and made the search bar visible so you can type into it without having to select the "more" button.


This section is where you'll find:

  • all the web requests you've submitted
  • your drafts
  • any requests waiting to be processed, and
  • all your processed requests.

Submissions will display at either customer or account level.


This section is where you'll find your web messages, notices, summary of account and letters for the account types in the Business section. You can now include attachments when you send us a secure message.

Correspondence will display at either customer or account level. If you're an Owner or Administrator this is where you'll find customer-level mail for your tax agency.

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Tax preparer tab

The Tax preparer tab is a new function in myIR. Most actions you'll complete here will have been in the Activity centre tab before. Your menu items are dependent on your assigned access role in myIR. You may be able to:

  • Link and delink clients and change your clients mailing indicator. Client linking and delinking for all account types will be done here. All the available accounts a client is registered for is now in one screen to make it easier for you to manage.  You won't need to link in two places anymore.
  • View all redirected client mail even if the client isn’t in your workspace (owner and administrator roles only).
  • Update the clients and accounts in your workspace.
  • Generate agency reports (owner and administrator roles only).
  • Bulk file GST returns. All other return filing is done individually, within your actual client.
  • Complete financial transfers from the account the credit is coming from or going to. Our transfer credit calculator can help you work out the best effective date and amount to transfer.

If you're a Restricted User you won't be able to access client maintenance, eg linking/delinking clients or financial transfers.

You can also access a Tax agent reports menu (for owners and administrators) with five reports. Some of these you may have seen before and some are new:

  • Client list report
    You can access client registration information.
  • Agency activity report
    You can run reports on linked and delinked clients, credit transfers, bank account changes and clients allocated to a workspace.
  • Client workspace report
    You can review by client who has access to your accounts.
  • Web logon activity report
    Owners can monitor staff myIR logon activity.
  • GST return summary reports
    You can get an information summary of filed GST returns.
  • All client transactions
    View account transactions for any linked client, for any account type.

You can run Agency reports across various date ranges. Some will be limited to the amount of time the information has been available in myIR. Each report will have date range parameters.

You can run the Transactions summaries and GST return summary report across any client, even if they're not in the owners or administrators workspace. Users and restricted users can access the same version of these reports from within the client.

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Linking and delinking clients

We've transfered all client links to the new Business section in myIR. You don't need to link again. This is the same process we used for GST in February 2017.

There is a two-step process to access a new client:

  1. Link the client to your agency
    When you link the client you'll see the accounts that are available.
  2. Add to your workspace
    Not every logon in an agency requires the client to be added to their workspace. You only need to add those you will be actively working on.
    To make this process easier, we've added a button to the linking page so you can navigate to the workspace.

Accessing new accounts

To access the new accounts for clients you're already linked to, you'll need to update your workspace to bring them in. To make this easier, we've prepopulated the list of clients already in your workspace. The list of clients will be displayed for you to choose from.

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Manage my workspace

Manage my workspace is a new core feature in the Tax preparer tab of myIR. You can manage your clients and accounts here, and it also provides you with the following enhancements.

Client lists
  • You can access a list of the clients you're working on. You won't need to enter an IRD number to access this list like you did in Look at account information.
  • Your client list shows the account balances, which you can reorder by any column heading, making credits and debits more visible.
  • Manage my workspace gives you the option to add all or some of your clients. You can move clients in and out if you don't work on them regularly.
  • Because we've added a new account for each of the tax types that have moved into Business, your workspace isn't designed to have all your clients listed (unless you're a small agency, eg less than 100 clients). Once your client list is more than a few pages it may be slower to navigate. 
  • We're developing a way for your to bulk remove clients so you can start over and just add in the clients that you're working on.
Displaying your linked clients
  • You can make changes to your workspace by adding and removing clients. There are two steps to this process:
  1. Selecting your clients
    The first section on the page lists all the clients you currently have in your workspace. You can use the "Select all" button to add all of these clients to be modified.
  2. Populate all your clients' linked accounts
    You have the option to add all the clients' accounts or just select some of them, depending on the work you do for that client.  You don't need to do this straight away, you can add them at the time you do the work.
  • To access your client to file a return, you need to bring them in to your workspace. This isn't linking your client again - it's just accessing them.
  • Each logon in your agency can manage their individual workspace - this is the list of clients they work on day-to-day. You can add and remove clients as you need to.
Other features of Manage my workspace
  • We can send you online correspondence for any client you want to be alerted to. Having less accounts in your workspace means you won't get alerts for clients you aren't working on.
  • Owners and administrators can now update other people's workspace on their behalf.
  • You can run a transactions report for any client, even if they're not in your workspace. This report is similar to Look at account information and will work for all transactions, even for account types we haven't moved, so you can access all the information in one place. 
  • A client's account can only by linked to one tax agent.
  • For privacy reasons, the Manage my workspace screen won’t include your tax agencies own account if you are linked to your own agency.

Note: The names of sections and functions in myIR are subject to change.

Other significant changes for tax agents

Payday filing

Changes to how often employers and payroll intermediaries file employer returns has been passed by the government. This means you can file your returns every payday, rather than monthly or twice-monthly.

Find out more about payday filing

Accounting income method (AIM) for provisional tax

AIM is a new option for provisional tax. Once you've opted in to use it, you'll only pay provisional tax when your business makes a profit.

Find out more about AIM