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Inland Revenue is changing

We're changing to make the tax system more open, simpler and more certain for New Zealanders to pay their taxes and receive their entitlements. The changes are being made for three reasons:

  1. To increase voluntary compliance by having a simpler tax system.
  2. To reduce compliance costs for customers.
  3. To make it easier and less costly for Government to introduce policy change.

Hear one of Inland Revenue's senior leaders talk about the changes at the 2015 Xero Conference

What the future will look like

We're modernising our entire operation through business transformation. Interactions with us and the Government will be significantly faster and simpler for individuals and businesses.

The differences you'll see are:

  • Most people will interact through simple and secure digital services.
  • People will spend significantly less time dealing with us.
  • Our processes become simpler and clearer - there will be less need to contact us.
  • People will be able to inform government agencies once about changes to personal information and those details will be securely shared across all of government.
  • Most tax transactions will be managed directly through accounting software used by businesses, employers, tax agents and intermediaries.

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Programme updates and business cases

Why we need to change

People's needs have changed. Our lives are faster and more reliant on technology. People want to manage their taxes effortlessly and in a digital world. They expect their banks, accountants and accounting software to connect digitally with us and the government.

The world and society is changing quickly and our tax administration needs to catch up and be fit for 21st century needs. Over the years our role has expanded from solely collecting tax in a paper world to today where we manage the collection and payments of tax and a range of other services like student loans, child support and KiwiSaver. Adding these social policy products and services to thirty-year old technology has resulted in complexity.

Delivering better public services

As we connect with all New Zealanders and businesses, we play a major role in building a more productive and competitive economy. Our future vision is closely connected to the Government's priorities for reducing compliance costs for businesses (Result 9), and helping New Zealanders to manage their transactions easily in a digital environment (Result 10).

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