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myIR, payments and more

For individuals & families
Te hunga takitahi me ngā whānau

As a student

If you are studying at a polytechnic, university, college of education, private training institution or wananga, this section has information for students about dealing with tax in New Zealand. Primary, intermediate or secondary school students may also find this information useful.

Tertiary students

Information for tertiary students - tax codes, responsibilities and entitlements when you have a part-time job and a student loan.

School students

An information page for school students explaining how to apply for an IRD number, how much tax to pay and thinking ahead about student loans.

Nominate someone to act on your behalf

You can nominate someone to act on your behalf to look after your tax affairs.

Bonded scholarships

People receiving scholarships such as Step Up Scholarships are bonded following completion of their course of study. Find out about the requirements around bonding and repayment of these scholarships.