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Business transformation
Kaupapa Whaihua

Who is involved

We're involving change experts, customers, third parties and the wider government sector in our change programme.

Internal governance and management

The Business Transformation programme reports to Inland Revenue's Change business unit under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Change, Greg James.

The programme is led by a team of highly experienced workstream leads.

A range of governance forums with representatives from executive and business unit leadership teams from across Inland Revenue make sure the business transformation and decision-making is business-led.

Comprehensive programme monitoring and reporting methodologies are in place based on "10 Keys to Success". Regular independent quality assurance reviews make sure that the programme is using effective processes and following practices that align with the Public Sector Guidance for Monitoring Major Projects and Programmes.

Bringing in expertise

We don't have all the skills in-house to manage a transformation of this scale, so we are bringing in experts from across New Zealand and overseas who have successfully completed transformations of the same complexity. The transformation will provide opportunities for our staff to learn new and different skills as the digital environment will change the way we work and interact with customers and intermediaries.

External advisors

Three external advisory groups have been established to provide an external perspective and voice on our business transformation.

Commissioner's Transformation Reference Group

The Commissioner's Transformation Reference Group provides our Commissioner with insights and perspectives from across the business, tax, and individual communities to inform our transformation programme.

Members of the Group have extensive experience across a broad range of sectors and represent diverse communities. 

The members and Inland Revenue officials of the Commissioner's Transformation Reference Group are:

Members Inland Revenue officials
Kerry Dalton Naomi Ferguson
Paul Dunne Ron Grindle
Geof Nightingale Greg James
Kirk Hope Mike Cunnington
John Payne  
Ian Perry  

Taxpayers' Simplification Advisory Board

The Taxpayers' Simplification Advisory Board is an independent voice that will challenge our thinking and play an active role in ways to improve services to customers, in particular individual taxpayers and people who run small and medium enterprises.

The Board represents individual taxpayers, small businesses owners and organisations that understand tax or serve small businesses.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Reference Group

The ICT Reference Group provides an independent voice and sounding board on our business transformation. It's an opportunity for ICT professionals to contribute individual perspectives and experience on the impact of our transformation programme on business and the community.

Group members have been selected on their expertise, strategic insight and ability to bring a sector-wide perspective on infrastructure and technology issues.

Group members have been selected for their extensive ICT and business experience, including transformation programmes, digital services and improving the customer experience. They bring a sector-wide perspective on infrastructure and technology issues.

Members Inland Revenue officials
Reuben Bijl Gary Baird
Ben Hayman Greg James
Stefan Korn  
Geraldine McBride  
Wayne Pohe  
Anand Ranchord  

Read the full biographies of the ICT Reference Group

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