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Tax credits and tax refunds

Who qualifies for money back?

Most people who earn salary or wages pay the right amount of tax and don't need to do anything at the end of the tax year (31 March). However some people may pay too much tax or may qualify for a tax credit. A tax credit is a reduction in the amount of tax you need to pay.

Check to see if you qualify for a tax credit or a tax refund.

You may qualify for a... if you...
tax credit
tax refund were a salary and wage earner and you:

Paid too much tax?

Anyone can find out if they qualify for a tax refund.

If you’re registered for myIR Secure Online Services

It’s easy to work out if you’re due a refund using your myIR account. For tax years 2013 onwards, we have a new calculator Work out my income tax filing options. If you’re not required to file an IR3 return, we will use your salary/wage income we already hold and any additional information you provide to let you know whether you’re due a refund or have tax to pay. If it works out to be a refund, you can then request and confirm you’re personal tax summary through your myIR account.

If you’re not registered for myIR Secure Online Services

Step 1: Work out whether you're due a refund

Register for myIR today to use our personalised calculator. Otherwise you can use our non-personalised tools (under "Work it out")

  • Personal tax summary calculator or
  • Personal tax worksheet.

To calculate your refund using the Personal tax summary calculator or Personal tax worksheet you'll need to know your income details. You can get these from:

  • Look at Account Information (you'll need to be registered for myIR to use this service),
  • INFOexpress on 0800 257 778 by requesting a summary of earnings
  • your end of year pay slip(s) from your employer(s).

Step 2: Decide whether to request a personal tax summary (PTS)

If... then...
the result is a tax refund request a PTS
you have to pay stop-do nothing. This amunt does not need to be assessed for payment

Step 3: Request a PTS

You can request a PTS online by using our Request a personal tax summary service under "Get it done online".


If you don't check whether you will get a refund before you request a PTS you may end up with a tax bill that you will have to pay.

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