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You can access your income information anytime in myIR. The information here will help you understand and get the most out of your income summary.

Overview of your income

To get to your income summary in myIR select 'Income summary' from your 'Income tax' account.

An overview of your income by source is displayed, along with the amount (income before tax) and any deductions. You can change the period the summary is for by selecting 'Other' and changing the 'From' and 'To' fields. You can select any time period from 1 April 2015 onwards.

The following income sources will display on this overview, but only if you have income from that source.

  • Salary, wages, benefits and taxable pensions.
  • Schedular income.
  • Portfolio investment entity (PIE) income.
  • New Zealand interest received.
  • Dividends treated as interest.
  • New Zealand dividends received.
  • Māori authority distributions.
  • Estate and trust income.
  • Partnership income.
  • Look-through company income.
  • Shareholder-employee salary.
  • Non-resident interest received.
  • Non-resident dividends received.
  • Royalties.

If you enter any non-business expenses, these will also display on your overview.

Breakdown of your income

To get a breakdown of each income source, select 'View breakdown'. This shows a breakdown of gross amount, deductions, and totals per payer for each period reported in the source return - for example, each pay period. There is also an additional table that sums up the figures for each income source in case you have more than 1.

Each payer will have a 'Source total' row so you can see the split of income totals. There will also be a table that combines all of the income and deductions for salary, wages, benefits and taxable pensions. This way, you can see the:

  • total gross income
  • PAYE deducted
  • ACC earners' levy deducted
  • tax deducted
  • student loan amounts deducted
  • earnings not liable for ACC.

Select 'More detail >' on any of the rows in the breakdown to get detailed information about that income source for that period. For example, when you select 'More detail >' on an employer's income row, the pay details, including the tax code used, will display.

Printing proof of income and income details

For income, there are 2 exportable PDFs called:

  • Proof of income
  • Income details.

You can download both of these for different periods using the 'From' and 'To' boxes.

Proof of income

The proof of income PDF provides a total of your income and deductions, by source type (for example salary or a benefit), held by us for the selected date range.
You can use this as proof of income for StudyLink, the council rates rebate or for anyone else needing the information.

The Proof of income PDF does not include:

  • self-employed income
  • rental income
  • Working for Families Tax Credits adjustments
  • Working for Families from work and income figures
  • student loan adjustments
  • non-business expenses
  • splits by employer or financial institution
  • any monthly figures
  • extinguished tax credits for payroll giving or imputation credits
  • student loan deductions
  • earnings not liable for ACC
  • the ACC earner premium amount of the PAYE deductions.

You can run the more detailed income export if you need more information.

This PDF is available for individual customers. Intermediaries can also create this PDF for their clients.

Income details

This is a more detailed PDF that you can use to file an income tax return or provide monthly income details for Work and Income.

The first section provides a total of your income and deductions held by us for a selected date range.

The second section breaks down the income and deduction totals by source type for each tax year in the date range selected. It will then show the ACC earner levy and the total tax paid.

Other income or adjustments that may be required to file a tax return are in the Other income types section. The following income or adjustments will only show if you have them.

  • Working for families from Work and Income.
  • Working for Families Tax Credits adjustments.
  • Student loan adjustments.
  • Non-business expenses.
  • Non-resident interest received.
  • Non-resident dividends received.
  • Royalties.
  • Portfolio investment entity (PIE) income.

The detailed income breakdown section splits all the income from any of the above types by financial year. The breakdown will show monthly figures received, by employer. This section will show PAYE deductions, earnings not liable for ACC and student loan deductions for each line item.

If you have any other income sources, their information will be broken down by payer and show the gross amount and tax deducted line items.

This PDF is available for both individual and non-individual customers. Intermediaries can also create this PDF for their clients.

Last updated: 28 Apr 2021
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