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Gather your information

You will need details of the fringe benefits you provided in the last year.

Complete a new fringe benefit tax annual return in myIR

Register for myIR if you do not have an account.

When you complete the FBT return your fringe benefit tax payment or refund will automatically be worked out.

What happens next

You will receive a confirmation receipt as soon as you finish your return. This will tell you if you need to make a payment or are due a refund.

If you need to make a payment you can do this through:

  • internet banking
  • credit or debit card online
  • direct debit.

If you are due a refund this will be direct credited to your account.

If you realise that you made a mistake in your fringe benefit tax return, you can correct this online.

Do it in myIR

You can also calculate your annual FBT by using our online calculator or our worksheet.

Once you have calculated your annual FBT, you will need to file a paper return.

Fringe benefit tax alternate rate calculation sheet – annual return

A calculation sheet for working out your annual fringe benefit tax.

Go to this tool
7 mins
Fringe benefit tax annual calculator

Use this calculator to work out FBT on all benefits provided when you file annual FBT returns.

Go to this tool