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Penalties that may apply

Some penalties may apply for overdue further income tax and late payments.

Overdue further income tax

If a Māori authority has a debit balance in its MACA at 31 March it will automatically incur a 10% penalty on the further income tax due - a Māori authority distribution penalty tax. This is to encourage Māori authorities to have a credit closing balance.

Both further income tax and Māori authority distribution penalty tax are due by 20 June following the end of the MACA year.

Late payment penalty

An extra 1% late payment penalty is charged on any balance over $100 which is outstanding after 20 June, plus 4% of the amount of tax to pay at the end of the 7th day after the due date.

A further 1% incremental penalty is charged on any amount outstanding (including penalties) after each further month until the amount is paid in full.

Note about debit balances if you stop being a Māori authority

If a Māori authority stops being a Māori authority and a debit balance exists, the authority must clear that debit no later than the last day on which the organisation is still a Māori authority. If this amount isn't paid by the due date, late payment penalties may apply.

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