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Bookkeepers typically represent clients for GST and PAYE.

They record the financial transactions of a business and make sure records are accurate for tax purposes.

A bookkeeper must have a myIR account.

Maximise your business offerings and become a Registered Bookkeeper

As a registered bookkeeper you can easily act and communicate with us on behalf of your clients. It also makes it easier to stay on top of your clients’ tax positions and offer them a seamless service.

Using an existing myIR login, you’ll have a single log on to access all of your clients, receive notifications and correspondence, be able to file returns and update client details all in one place.

You can also customise your account in a way that works best for you and gain access to reporting under the tax preparer tab. Here you’ll have access to a range of reports, such as:

  • client list reports
  • agency activity reports
  • web logon reports
  • GST and PAYE summary reports (through clients account).

Once a client is registered for a new account type, you’ll automatically be linked to the new account type without any further action required. The option to bulk file PAYE for multiple clients will also increases efficiency for clients.

This intermediary access allows us to engage with you directly when testing products and services specific to you and your clients. It also means that you’re more likely to be kept up to date on the latest changes via targeted messaging.

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