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These are some of the most common situations that might change your tax responsibilities.
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I am a child support customer moving to Australia

Whether a recipient or paying parent, it is important to update us of your move to Australia.


I am a child support recipient moving to another country

Find out how to apply for child support and make payments if a receiving carer or liable parent is living in another country.


I just got a child support notice

Find out how you pay your child support and make sure you update your details. Read about reviews, objections and exemptions.

I am coming to New Zealand

If you're coming to New Zealand, keep these social policy programmes in mind.


I am coming to work or study in New Zealand

While working in New Zealand, depending on how you're paid, you'll pay income tax differently during and at the end of the tax year.


I am going overseas

Your tax responsibilities when you're going overseas short or long term.


I am overseas

You can apply for child support from overseas and arrange to make payments.


I am leaving New Zealand

If you're leaving New Zealand, see if there are any social policy programmes that will change or you'll need to update.


I have returned to New Zealand

We've put together some information on the ways we can get you settled back in New Zealand


I am making a foreign super withdrawal

If you withdraw or transfer a foreign super in a lump sum, you will need to pay tax.

I am being made redundant

How being made redundant can affect your tax and entitlements.


I am coming off a benefit

Your Working for Families and child support payments and coming off a benefit.


I am self-employed and making a loss

Information on what to do when you are self employed and making a loss.


I've got a new job

Tax codes, income, IRD numbers and your new job.

I am a PIE investor with a student loan or Working for Families

How Portfolio investment entities (PIEs) affect your Working for Families Tax Credits or student loan repayments.


I am in Working for Families debt

Know how to avoid debt with us by keeping your income details up to date. Find out the repayment steps if you're in debt with us.


My Working for Families payments have stopped

Find out reasons that might cause you to stop getting Working for Families payments.

I am going to employ someone

What you need to do when you employ people for the first time


I am starting a new business

How to start a business, what your responsibilities are.


My business is making a loss

Your business is making a loss if its expenses are greater than its income.

I am having a baby

If you're having a baby, find out what support is available to you from us.


I am separating from my partner

Find out how your child support and Working for Families entitlements and requirements can change when you separate.


I'm looking after the affairs of someone who has died

During this difficult time, here is what you need to know about looking after the estate of someone who has died.

I need to file my employment information

Payday filing is the current way to submit employment information. Learn how and when to file.


I received an income tax assessment

Overview of income tax assessments - what they are, and what to do if you get one.


I have been asked to complete an individual tax return IR3

All you need to know about why you've been asked to complete a tax return, changes to income types and untaxed income.


I received a refund

Overview of automatic refunds - what they are, and what to do if you get one.

I'm struggling to file and pay my tax

If you are having trouble filing and paying your tax, contact us before the situation gets worse. We can work out ways to help you move forward.

My income has changed

If your income has changed because you have been made redundant, got a new job or had a drop in pay, check that you're on the right tax code so you're not overpaying tax.


My income changes a lot

Keeping us up to date makes sure you get and pay the right amounts and it keeps you out of debt.

My trust is making a loss

What to do when your trust is making a loss.

Last updated: 18 May 2022
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