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Gather your information

You will need your income details.

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Go to your return and follow the prompts

  • Select your income types.
  • Enter the required information.
  • Complete any additional forms that apply to your situation.

Complete your return

Our Companies income tax return guide - IR4GU will help you.

You can also complete your IR4 using our online form, or on paper.

Companies income tax return IR4 PDF 282KB Download form

Additional returns

If you used our online form or a paper form you may need to file some additional returns.

Tax sparing

You must file a Tax sparing disclosure return - IR486 if your company has claimed a foreign tax credit for a tax sparing arrangement under a double tax agreement.

File a tax sparing disclosure return - IR486

Group investment funds

You must file a Group investment fund return - IR44E if:

  • your fund is not a designated group investment fund as defined in section HR 3(6) of the Income Tax Act 2007
  • your company's fund’s income is only Category A, or a combination of Category A and Category B income.

File a group investment fund return - IR44E

Trans-Tasman imputation and imputation groups

You must file an Annual imputation return - IR4J if:

  • your company is an Australian company that makes a trans-Tasman imputation election
  • you are the representative of an imputation group.

File an Annual imputation return - IR4J

Past years

If you need to file returns for past years you can download the forms below.

Companies tax return - IR4 (past years)