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Each software provider has, at their discretion, chosen which of the gateway services they will integrate with and offer to their customers. Through their software, you can use these gateway service offerings to file your clients' income tax returns. or, you can do it in myIR.

Return acknowledgements (RA) and Notices of assessment (NOA) are available in myIR or through the document service in gateway services.

Your software provider should let you know what you need to do to get set up for gateway services in their software.

To use gateway services, all you need is a myIR account with the appropriate level of access.

If the software that you use requires an upgrade, you may need to log into it and provide your myIR credentials again.

If you or your staff, don’t have a myIR logon

Each of your staff members that will be using gateway services will need their own myIR logon.

The ability to perform certain actions in gateway services is based on the user’s level of access in myIR.

Once the new logon is created, you will need to grant access to the relevant client list(s) you want staff to have access to. You grant access from 'Manage agency' within the Intermediary centre.

You can find the Manage agency guide – IR1104 in the Manage agency service in myIR and on our website.

Set up new myIR logons for your staff.

Create web logon access for a myIR account

Gateway services permissions

The permissions for myIR will be replicated for gateway services. For example, ‘full account access’ in gateway services is the same as it is in myIR.

There is however one difference relating to access permissions. In gateway services you can do credit transfers when filing returns if you have ‘File’ permissions. In myIR, if you only have ‘File’ permission, you cannot do a credit transfer when filing.

Software providers offering income return gateway services

Access APS, HNRY, MyTax, MYOB, Solo, Taxlab, Wolters Kluwer (CCH) and Xero.

Services each software provider offers

As this is commercially sensitive, we cannot give this level of detail. Please talk directly to your provider(s) about their specific service offerings.

Key changes

We have created a number of operations (API’s) that now let software providers integrate with our new system to perform certain functions. Each software provider has the discretion to choose which operations they build for their customers.

Again, we ask that you talk to your software provider to understand what their specific service offerings are. In the meantime, you can still use myIR to access any services your software provider does not offer.


You must first link the client to your agency before performing action(s) in gateway services. Talk to your software provider to see if they offer this option. If they do not, you can still link the client to your agency in myIR or SPK2IR.

Transfer requests - income tax return service

When you file a return, gateway services let you request up to 20 transfers.

You cannot request a specific effective date for a transfer request. Our system will determine the best effective date. To get the earliest date you should let us know if the transfer is between associated customers.

Calculating your client’s correct PIR for their returns for 2021 onwards

If your software provider does not offer or give you the client’s PIR rate, in myIR, you can use  ‘View my PIR’ in the client’s income tax account to work out the correct PIR. We also have an unauthenticated calculator.

Find my prescribed investor rate

Document service

You cannot send correspondence through gateway services.

If you need to send correspondence to us asking for some form of action, you will still need to use secure mail in myIR.

The document service lets you upload and send any supporting material, for example copies of invoices or financial statements when you file your client’s return. Talk to your software provider and ask if they offer this service. The document service is a repository service, and it only supports the associated return being filed. Uploading and sending documents to us does not hold the return. It does not trigger any manual intervention by us either.

Attaching IR10s and financial statements

The IR10 has been included as part of the income tax return service offering. You can complete it as an attachment.

You can also upload and send in financial statements to us using the document service. Talk to your software provider and ask if they offer this service.

Maximum file size that can be sent via gateway services

The maximum file size is 9MB.

Customer details

We have provided the functionality to software providers to let customer details to be updated using gateway services. Talk to your software provider about whether this service is available to you. In the meantime, you can still use myIR to update your client’s details.

If you have a customer master link to a client, you can update their Business Industry Classification (BIC) code in myIR using the Manage BIC web service.

If you don’t have the customer master link you can file their income tax return through the return service and then amend it in myIR, or you can edit this field by filing income tax returns in myIR.

Further information

Please talk to your software provider if you have any questions about gateway services, the functionality that will be available to you and how to use it.

Talk to your IR account manager if you have questions about using myIR, including setting up new logons and delegating client list access.

Last updated: 04 May 2024
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