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Intermediaries can link to clients’ myIR accounts. Once linked, they can act on behalf of their clients for certain tax types.

Customers need an active account (tax) type

If a client does not have an active account (such as income tax) they'll need to register for one in myIR. If this is not possible, send us a message in myIR to request we open an account for the client. In your message include:

  • the account type that needs to be opened
  • the reason the account is needed
  • confirmation that you hold an authority to act
  • a request that the client is linked to your agency.

Customers can have more than 1 intermediary acting on their behalf

A customer can have many intermediaries acting on their behalf. However, they cannot have more than 1 intermediary of the same type linked to the same account at any time.

For example, a client can have a tax agent, bookkeeper and other representative linked to income tax at the same time. But a client cannot have a tax agent and 2 bookkeepers linked to income tax at the same time.

Getting approval to link

All intermediaries need written authority from clients before they can link. Once a client has given authority, you can link to their account in myIR.

After linking, access to client accounts will be automatic for tax agents, bookkeepers and PAYE intermediaries.

Payroll bureaus and other representatives do not get automatic access. These intermediaries need to let us know when they want to link to a client. We will send the client an email or letter to approve the request.

What intermediaries can do

Tax agents can:

  • choose where client mail and refunds are sent to
  • link to a customer master link that gives access to a client’s customer level mail.

Bookkeepers and other representatives can link to the same account types as a tax agent but cannot choose where client mail is sent.

PAYE intermediaries can only link to the payroll account. Client mail is automatically sent to the intermediary.

Payroll bureaus can only link to the payroll account and mail cannot be directed away from the client’s address.

Account types that cannot be linked

You cannot link clients for the following account types:

  • Child support – liable parent
  • Child support – receiving carer
  • KiwiSaver voluntary contributions.

Your client needs to nominate you to act on their behalf for these account types.


Last updated: 21 Jun 2021
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