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Our site has a powerful search system to help you find the information you need. Below are some tips to make searching on our site even easier.

Searching for a phrase

If you are looking for an exact phrase you can use quotation marks around your search. This will only return pages and documents that include your search phrase. 

Example:  "Property interest limitation rules"

Asking questions

Our search will try to answer some questions you ask it. These answers will appear in a box at the top of your search results. You can help grow our search answers by asking questions in the search box and by giving feedback about the answers we present.

Example:  Should I register for GST?

Case sensitivity

Our search is not case sensitive. Your searches with capitals or lowercase letters will return the same results.


Many acronyms or abbreviations will automatically be expanded in our search. Sometimes this might result in pages you weren't expecting. To search for an exact acronym put it inside quotation marks.

Example:  FBT will search for 'fringe benefit tax'

Sorting your results

Most results on our site are sorted by popularity. We try to give you results based on what other people have clicked on when searching for the same things.

Popular and recent searches

Popular searches appear when you click on the search box and do not type anything. After completing a search, your search history will be shown underneath the search box when you click on it and before you start typing. To see popular search results again, clear your recent search history.

People also ask

Sometimes we will display similar search suggestions half way through your results page. These suggestions are commonly searched for by other people looking for the same things. You can expand these suggestions to see whether the content may be of interest to you.


Tax Technical and Tax Policy

If you are looking for interpretations of IR's tax law, try searching on the Tax Technical website. If you are looking for information on public consultations or policy, try searching on the Tax Policy website.

Tax Technical

Tax Policy

Last updated: 24 Nov 2022
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