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ir-File service electronic filing

This service has been discontinued. myIR customers can now use the payroll account in the My business section of myIR to file employer monthly schedules and employer deduction forms. myIR owners may need to delegate access to others.

Delegating access to payroll in myIR

Only myIR owners will have immediate access to your business's payroll account. This account will have increased functionality and we think it’s important that myIR owners make sure only the right people can access it. myIR owners will need to delegate access if they want other people to see or file payroll information.

To give someone else access to a myIR account you need to:

  • login to myIR
  • click "Settings" on the "my Business" tab
  • select "Manage additional logons" in the "I want to" menu
  • select the person you would like to provide access to and click on "Manage access"
  • choose the access role and which accounts you want them to have access to.


To see how, watch our 'How to give a current person (logon) additional access'video