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Mixed use asset calculator

About this calculator

This calculator guides you through a series of questions to help calculate your income and deductible expenses for a mixed use asset for a tax year. It should be used by individuals, partnerships, trusts and look-through companies. For other entities, please contact your tax advisor.

Use of this tool does not result in data being submitted to us.

When to use this calculator

Use this calculator if you have a holiday home, bach or land that is:

  • leased to the public, and
  • used by yourself, your friends or family, and
  • available but unused for more than 62 days a year.

Don't use this calculator if:

  • the asset is otherwise apportioned by land area (holiday home and a family home)
  • the asset is otherwise apportioned by floor area or similar basis (private/business use and holiday home)
  • all your income earned is at less than 80% market rental value
  • the asset is 100% a business asset, for example, a camping ground.
  • you have a plane or boat that is a mixed use asset.

Read more information about mixed use assets

What you will need

Your income and expense details, as well as occupancy details, that is the number of nights the property was rented out. You will also need the latest valuation for the property.

After you finish

The total income and expenses you can claim for this asset will be shown. Please retain the output as a record of the calculations. It can be printed or saved as a PDF.

No information you provide while using the calculator is recorded, saved or in any way referenced by Inland Revenue. The calculator is stored on a secure part of our website to prevent unauthorised interception. If you are unable to access the calculator, you may need to update your browser and/or firewall settings.