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Student loan repayments due for overseas-based borrowers
30 September

If you're based overseas and not taking a repayment holiday you are required to make two repayments each year towards your student loan. These are generally due on 30 September and 31 March. Paying on time means you will avoid late payment interest (formerly late payment penalties).

If you have a different due date for some reason, eg your repayment holiday has ended, we've assessed you after the standard due date, these will be shown on your Overseas based obligation notice.

As an overseas-based borrower, your repayment obligation is generally based on your loan balance as at 31 March plus the annual administration fee.

Interest is accruing on your loan while you're overseas. The current interest rate is 4.4%. Interest is calculated daily and added back to your loan (compounded) annually.

Find out more about repayment obligations for overseas-based borrowers

You can check your total loan balance online at any time by logging into your myIR Secure Online Services account. Once you're logged in, you can access your account, see your current loan balance, repayments, interest charges and/or write-offs.