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You can estimate your income for child support when you expect it to be at least 15% less than the income used to work out your current child support assessment.

Gather your information

You'll need:

  • your total income for the year so far, since 1 April
  • what you think your income will be for the rest of the year.

The total of the 2 amounts must be at least 15% less than the income used in your original assessment.

Download and fill in the form

Send the form to us in myIR

Send your completed form to us in myIR.

Make sure you let us know the message is for child support. Attach your completed IR104 form and any supporting documents to the message.

You do not need to sign the form when sending it to us in myIR.

How to send a message in myIR

What happens next

If we accept your estimate, we'll reassess your child support and send you a new notice.

After the end of the tax year, we'll compare the income you estimated with what you actually earned. If necessary, we'll reassess your child support. 

If we cannot accept your estimate, we'll send you a letter explaining why.

My responsibilities

We may ask you for evidence to support your estimate. These could be payslips or a letter from your accountant or tax agent, for example.

Check you've included your correct information and any documents we need. Sign the form and send your documents to us at:

Child Support
PO Box 39010
Wellington Mail Centre
Lower Hutt 5045

Child support - contact us