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Changes to paid parental leave payments - There will be no paid parental leave payments from 31 December to 18 January, because of the holidays. Find out more.

Applications closed for the Resurgence Support Payment on 13 January 2022.

What happens next

A number of applications are still being reviewed. If approved, most applicants will receive their payment in full from us within 5 working days. It will be paid into the bank account supplied or chosen in the application.

In some cases, we will ask for more information before a decision is made to approve your application

If you made a mistake in your application

A mistake could be missing out an employee or including too many, or incorrectly calculating revenue drop.

Go to myIR and in "I want to" choose "Send a message".

Include as much detail as possible about the change you want (for example, employee's name, IRD number and whether part or full-time).

Last updated: 24 Aug 2021
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