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Charitable organisations

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All New Zealand clubs and societies must file a tax return each year unless they drive only exempt income. If your organisation has a certificate of exemption from RWT (resident withholding tax) on interest and dividends this does not mean your income is exempt income. Use this guide to help in completing the 2011 IR9 return.


This guide tells you about some of your tax responsibilities if you receive a grant or subsidy to help with an activity you're running individually or with a group.


This guide explains the tax obligations of charitable and donee organisations. Read about the taxes your organisation will have, tax exemptions available, criteria to get an exemption, the different types of income and whether it's liable for tax and GST.


This guide provides summary information for charities registered with the Charities Commission about the tax exemptions and benefits available, and how to comply with the tax exemption requirements.


This guide is for people who pay interest under the RWT rules. It tells you when you must deduct RWT from the interest you pay, when to pay the deductions to Inland Revenue and what information you must give to the people you pay the interest to.


This guide explains how estates and trusts are taxed.


Application for exemption from resident withholding tax (RWT) on interest and dividends.