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Welcome to the ir-File demonstration

Ir-File allows customers to file their Employer monthly schedule (EMS) and helps them make online payments.

Overview to the ir-File demonstration >

An explanation of what ir-File can offer you.

Lesson 1 Using the on-screen form

How to enter your employee's monthly deductions and details online.

Lesson 2 Using the file transfer method

How to transfer your employee monthly deductions to us from your payroll system.

Lesson 3 Register or opt-out your employees for KiwiSaver

How to register or opt-out your employees for KiwiSaver.

Lesson 4 Customising ir-File

How to customise your home page and filing options for ir-File.

Feedback on our ir-File demonstration >

This is a new service for us and we would like your feedback on what you thought of the demonstration.

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