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Auckland sales manager sentenced to 3 years jail for tax fraud

An Auckland sales manager who failed to pay tax and dishonestly claimed refunds has been sentenced to 3 years jail.

Paul Thomas Staples was sentenced in Auckland District Court today on a range of tax offences, related to three different companies. The offences, totalling $328,740, occurred between September 2008 and August 2011.

Inland Revenue’s Group Manager Investigations and Advice, Tony Morris, said Staples was aware of his tax obligations, but deliberately ignored them.

Staples filed 28 fraudulent documents including income tax returns and GST returns over the three years. These documents related to three companies, STH Investments, 380 Express and Voltage Security, previously known as First Response Security Services.

“STH Investments was a property investment company, while 380 Express and Voltage Security provided security service,” Mr Morris said.

“Staples knowingly provided false information to Inland Revenue claiming tax refunds he was not owed. He forged documents to accompany his tax returns with the intention to evade tax.

“The majority of taxpayers do the right thing and supply us with the correct information. We take criminal activity extremely seriously and continue to use new tools to identify and combat patterns of offending like this,” he said.

“The tax Staples didn’t pay would have gone towards vital Government services that we all rely on, such as hospitals, schools, roads and welfare.

“This outcome sends a warning to those who think they can try to cheat the system that they will be caught and punished,” said Mr Morris.