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Inland Revenue thrilled with response to eGST trial

Filling in tax returns could soon be a headache of the past for small business owners on the strength of a successful recent pilot.

Inland Revenue has been working with two major accounting software providers to trial the filing of GST returns.

A survey of the businesses involved in the pilot found 96% of them were comfortable with Inland Revenue working together with software companies to deliver new services.

Even though this trial only related to GST returns, Inland Revenue Deputy Commissioner Greg James says a similar service could potentially be considered for Income Tax and PAYE.

Such changes would mean small businesses would no longer need to fill out a separate tax return and can submit the information directly through their accounting software.

“This marks a major change to the way businesses pay their tax,” James says. “Services like this make it so much easier to comply and shows how our organisation is changing to meet our customers’ needs.”

The survey also found 64% of customers reckon the new service has reduced their costs and 76% said it made it easier for them to make sure they were submitting correct information.

James says he’s thrilled with the way customers have responded to the trial, which is a fine example of cooperation of public and private organisations combining to create an innovative new service.

Small businesses are urged to help bring about change by contributing feedback on our Changing For You website.

Among the many suggestions being considered include being able to fix mistakes in tax returns online and setting up online payment plans to clear debt.