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Ditch the paper and file GST online

People still filing their GST on paper are being encouraged to join the thousands of others who have taken the task online.

Around 12,000 customers who filed their last GST return on the old paper forms are being sent the message ahead of this week’s filing date. It’s part of a campaign to help more people see the time-saving benefits.

Inland Revenue Marketing and Communications Manager Andrew Stott says more than a million GST returns have been filed using the secure online service since we went live with it in February.

“The vast majority of customers are already filing their GST returns over the Internet and now we’re trying to bring the remainder on board.

“We understand that breaking the paper habit can be challenging but our website is full of resources to support customers through the change including videos that take people through the new GST section in myIR.

“We have created a simpler process that completes the task instantly and accurately.”

Mr Stott says Inland Revenue will continue to maintain the paper filing option but the time and cost saving benefits of using myIR are substantial.

Customers can file and pay for their GST at the same time. Around 163,000 direct debit payments worth $1.6 billion have flowed through MyIR since February.

Making amendments is easy too and around 12,000 GST returns have been changed online since the new system went live - a considerable time saving for those customers who would have otherwise needed to contact us to make these arrangements.

Filing GST online includes the ability to have the calculations worked out automatically and customers receive instant confirmation once the return has been received.

In addition, email and text reminders can be set up to help avoid missing a due date or payment.

Anyone who would like to put an end to paper filing of GST can find out more at

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