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Media releases

News website @ Inland Revenue

At Inland Revenue we have decided to establish our own news website – this is it.

It’s where we’ll post all of the tax-related news that we want to be picked up by the news media and read by a range of audiences we know are interested in what we say and do.

That interest is hardly surprising given the many ways we touch people’s everyday personal and business lives and given the importance of tax to New Zealand’s social and economic wellbeing.

We have some 5000 staff in offices up and down the country all contributing in different ways to making sure it’s as easy as possible for people to pay their taxes, that they get the payments they’re entitled to, and of course that those trying to avoid paying are held to account.

Beyond the core business of tax collection, Inland Revenue administers student loans, child support, KiwiSaver and Working for Families.

We’ll send out alerts by email and on Twitter when we post news stories and all are welcome to use the material we publish. So please follow us on Twitter if you want to keep up with what we’re doing and saying, or contact us by email to get alerts.

To contact us: [email protected]

Twitter: @NZIRDMedia