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Statement on use of psychometric assessments

Inland Revenue is currently undergoing a major redesign of its organisation to enable the agency to implement the biggest changes to New Zealand’s tax system in 25 years. 

We’ll be organised in terms of customer types rather than IR functions, so bringing our service people closer to customers in the way they do their work.

This means there are a significant number of new roles that will be different to those people are currently performing. We are currently going through a selection process for around 860 of these positions, many of which are new specialist roles.

As part of the selection process for these new positions, we are using a broad range of information about staff to ensure we have the right people in the right roles. Included in this are psychometric assessments, which help demonstrate a person’s suitability for a new position.

People can choose whether to complete the assessments as part of the selection process.

Inland Revenue uses these types of assessments in recruitment processes, and for existing employees as part of staff development. 

When we received notice of legal proceedings from the Public Service Association (PSA), we sought an urgent hearing in the Employment Court to resolve this matter as soon as possible – to enable certainty for our staff in what has been a considerable period of change. A date for that hearing has yet to be scheduled.

In the meantime, our transition processes are continuing as planned. I have no further comment at this time because the matter is before the court.

Please attribute to Mark Daldorf, Chief People Officer, Inland Revenue