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Payday filing made simple – talk with your software provider

An Auckland small business owner is crediting his software provider for making payday filing simpler.

From April 2019, all employers will be required to send their payroll information to Inland Revenue whenever they pay their staff.

Robert Watt, the owner-operator of three The Source Bulk Foods stores, has been filing his staff’s employment information to Inland Revenue since April after his payroll software provider made it possible through his existing package.

“Our payroll software made it very easy to get started. Once I got set up, it was just like doing a normal pay run.”

Inland Revenue Customer Segment Leader Richard Owen says Robert’s experience is typical of what we have been hearing from other customers who have payroll filing- compatible software.

“We are busy working with the all payroll software providers to help them link directly with our systems and create the best possible experience for their customers.”

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Robert Watt at The Source Bulk Foods says the tax part of the process now seems more integrated.

“Previously, I would have to manually pull all the information out of my software and file it to Inland Revenue on the 20th of every month.

“But now my software does the job of compiling the data and sending it on to IRD at the end of each pay run so the job is out of the way and I don’t have to worry about it again.”

Mr Owen says there are some impressive software solutions available out in the market, some of which take care of the payday filing steps in just a few extra clicks.

“If they haven’t already, employers should check with their software provider about their plans for payday filing and try to get started as soon as possible.

“Robert’s payroll data is going to give Inland Revenue more timely access to his staff members’ income information so we can make sure they’re paying the right amount of tax at the right time.”

Robert Watt has some advice for his fellow small business owners:

“If you haven’t switched to payday filing, I’d do it as soon as you can.

“It saves you a lot of time and effort and that’s good for business.”

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