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GST October filing deadline to be extended

Taxpayers will have an extra week to file and pay GST and income tax currently due on October 28 this year. 

This is in response to Inland Revenue's systems shutting down for their final Business Transformation release from 3pm Thursday 21 October until the start of business on Thursday 28 October.

Ministers have agreed to the extra week and will give effect to that decision through an Order in Council. 

Inland Revenue spokesman Richard Owen says Inland Revenue will be closed to customers and all services, including myIR, will be unavailable for several business days.


“We know this is an additional stress and comes at a difficult time for businesses. It’s right before a major filing date and at a time when businesses are still trying to cope in a COVID-affected world,” Richard Owen says.


“Taxpayers will have until 4 November to file and pay the taxes currently due on 28 October.  This will give them more time after our systems come back up to finalise their taxes. It helps customers who are unable to file and pay prior to our system shut down or on 28 October 2021. It also allows IR to switch all its services to one system as planned.


“This last stage of Inland Revenue’s business transformation includes an upgrade to myIR, which will allow customers to do more for themselves, and brings child support into our new system.  We need to make sure these changes are live and working for customers well before Christmas - a time of significant stress for people relying on those payments. 


Moving this final information into our new system also means Inland Revenue is ready to implement any future COVID relief packages as quickly as possible.


“We’re confident we’re well prepared for this and we’re taking advantage of a holiday (Labour Day) weekend to minimise the number of working days the tax system will be shut.


“Inland Revenue has worked hard to be ready and overcome many challenges including moving out of our Wellington office due to seismic issues, and level 4 lockdowns. I am very proud of the resilience and drive our staff have shown to get us to this point.


Customers can file their returns before our systems shut down on the 21st, or once they come back up on the 28th.   Please do file them by 4 November, as the information the returns provide helps IR to ensure everyone can access the COVID supports available to them,” Richard Owen says.


"We also understand that many businesses could be having financial difficulties at this time. Inland Revenue may be able to help you by cancelling penalties and interest if you can’t pay your tax on time or in full because of COVID-19.


"If cashflow is an issue at the moment due to COVID-19, please contact us as soon as you’re able to and set up an instalment arrangement. Then, so long as you keep to the terms of that arrangement, you won’t have to pay any penalties and interest.

"The easiest way to contact Inland Revenue is through myIR.  Either tick the box on the screen about instalment arrangements saying you have been affected by COVID-19 or send us a message explaining your situation."  

Media contact: Gay Cavill 029 2014 585 [email protected]

Last updated: 30 Sep 2021
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