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Extradited lawyer sentenced on tax fraud

Former Dunedin lawyer, Raelene Kelly, was convicted and discharged on tax evasion charges when she appeared in the Dunedin District court this week.

Kelly was extradited from Australia after a trial in 2015 on 31 charges of knowingly applying PAYE deductions to a purpose other than payment to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. There were also 15 charges of knowingly failing to provide a GST return to Inland Revenue. 

The unpaid PAYE and associated deductions totalled $60,993 and the GST owing was $122,633.

Kelly was convicted and discharged because she had already spent 16 months in a maximum security facility in Australia during the extradition process to New Zealand.

People who evade tax or fail to account for things like PAYE risk prosecution and jail time. People who fail to meet their tax obligations will be held to account for their actions.

Inland Revenue takes all necessary steps to pursue prosecution in these situations and will extradite people from overseas if necessary to face the consequences of their offending.

Last updated: 03 Feb 2023
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