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Auckland company director to serve 6 months HD

Auckland company director, Xiangyu FAN, has been sentenced to home detention on tax evasion charges.

Fan plead guilty to 3 representative tax evasion charges and was sentenced to 6 months home detention when he appeared in the Auckland District Court on 3 May.

In total, he aided and abetted the three companies he controlled - Apollo Group Ltd, First Construction Group Ltd and First Finance Ltd - which failed to pay $663,414.44 in PAYE.

Between December 2018 and May 2022, there were 37 successive periods where the companies should have paid PAYE but did not. Fan was warned on many occasions during that time of the consequences of failing to pass on the deductions made from people’s wages to Inland Revenue.

At the time of sentencing, Fan had made a significant amount of repayments which the judge took into account with the 6 month home detention sentence.

Last updated: 03 May 2023
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