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Signwriter sentenced on tax evasion charges

An Auckland signwriter who chose voluntary bankruptcy over paying creditors has been sentenced to home detention on tax evasion charges. 

Lee Laffoley ran Goblin Signs and didn’t file GST or income tax returns, displaying persistent non-compliance with his tax obligations.

He plead guilty to the charges and was sentenced to 9 months’ home detention when he appeared in the Auckland District Court on 7 March.

Inland Revenue interviewed Laffoley three times and each time he acknowledged he was aware of his tax obligations but still didn’t file returns. He told investigators he had put himself into bankruptcy to avoid paying his creditors, including Inland Revenue.

By knowingly failing to provide income tax returns (and/or pay income tax) Laffoley intended to evade the assessment or payment of at least $228,787.09 in income tax over 7 years from 2010. He also intended to evade the assessment or payment of $121,982.93 in GST.

The court ordered Laffoley to pay reparation in the amount of $350,800.20.
Last updated: 11 Mar 2024
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