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Employer responsibilities Ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi takohanga


Employers are responsible for making various deductions from the payments they make to their staff and paying these deductions to us. This site gives information for employers about these responsibilities and includes resources such as online calculators, forms and guides.
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Becoming an employer

When you start employing staff, you must register with us as an employer. You must also decide whether your staff are employees or self-employed contractors as the tax treatment for each is different.

Employing staff

There are things you must do or check when a staff member starts or stops working for you, when your business changes or ceases or if you want to employ your spouse or any foreign workers.


Employers must deduct PAYE, including tax on schedular payments (formerly withholding payments) from payments made to staff or contractors. Deductions may also be needed for student loan repayments, child support, KiwiSaver, or any benefits, bonuses or other allowances that you pay.

Keeping records

This section has information about which records of your PAYE deductions you need to keep, and for how long.

Filing returns and making payments

Filing and payment responsibilities for salary and wage deductions differ depending on your gross annual PAYE (including ESCT) payments.

Failing to meet your employer obligations

If you fail to meet any of your obligations as an employer you may be liable for penalties and interest.

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Regular seminars and hands-on workshops are held in most regions on a variety of topics about business tax obligations including record keeping, expenses and filing returns. Find a free workshop near you.

You can watch short online videos on starting your business at any time. Check out our Introduction to business videos.

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