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Employer responsibilities Ngā kaiwhakawhiwhi mahi takohanga

ir-File service electronic filing

Any employer can register for and file using ir-File. If your annual PAYE deductions are $100,000 or more you must file this way.

Registering for ir-File

You can only register if you’re the:

  • business owner/director, or
  • executive office holder

Register for myIR

Once you’ve registered you can add staff and give them access to ir-File and other online services.

Find out more about managing account access (MAA).

Filing through ir-File

ir-File is a secure service in myIR. It's an accurate and fast way to file your:

  • Employer monthly schedule (IR348)
  • Employer deductions (IR345) form
  • KiwiSaver employee details (KS1) form, and
  • KiwiSaver opt-out request (KS10) form.

There are two ways to file using the ir-File service

File transfer

File transfer means you’ll transfer a text file of your IR348 schedule from your payroll software package to us.

Your software provider will know if your software will:

  • work with ir-File,
  • explain where to find the text file, and
  • help you upgrade your software if necessary.

To test a file go to File an employer schedule

On-screen form

We have on-screen versions of the Employer monthly schedule (IR348) and the Employer deductions (IR345) form.

You can enter, edit, change and send the information to us directly. On-screen help is available as you file.

Once you've filed your IR348
  • You can preview and make any changes before you send it.
  • You’ll receive a receipt letting you know we've received the forms in your ir-File account.
You can change and resend your schedule after it's sent

You need to retract it before the 11am daily cut off. After the cut off time you can send us:

  • a message to amend your IR348 through secure mail, or
  • an Employer monthly schedule amendment form (IR344).

Paying your deductions

If you pay your deductions electronically we won't send you an IR345 form.

If you pay your deductions by cheque, we’ll still send you an Employer deductions (IR345) form in the mail.

If you have any questions about ir-File call us on 0800 473 829.