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Planned myIR outage We’re carrying out maintenance work on myIR over the weekend, and there may be an outage or disruption of service between midnight and 4am Sunday morning.

Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes and provided more information on FamilyBoost. Find out more: FamilyBoost

Budget 2024 | The Government has confirmed changes to personal income tax, the independent earner tax credit, in-work tax credit, and the minimum family tax credit. Find out more: Personal income tax threshold changes

The account management service has core tasks that it regularly acts upon. These tasks include:

  • Actively promote and provide support of self-service tools IR provides e.g. L letter, D status, linking, delinking, myIR and changes to our online services.
  • Keep tax agents informed about updates and legislative changes relating to Inland Revenue services. This includes via virtual interactions, 1:1, and 1 to many interactions (e.g. professional body / tax agent group meetings)
  • At annual visit, ensure overall tax agent compliance with legislation and IR policies, undertake due diligence on authorities to act for their clients. Virtual visits should be considered as the first option, however, if the tax agent’s preference is a face to face visit this can be completed, and at a minimum should occur at least every second year.
  • Ensure all returns are filed, and outstanding debt is under arrangement for tax agents’ (personally) and any of their associated entities.
  • Ensure tax agents who don’t meet required filing performance guidelines are closely monitored.
  • Withdraw tax agents’ EOT if they don’t meet their filing obligations.
  • Consider new tax agent registrations as received ensuring the legislative eligibility and integrity requirements are met (first visit face to face).
  • Remove tax agent status from agents who are in breach of the legislative requirements under section 124G(2) of the Tax Administration Act 1994 (e.g. integrity issues, less than 10 clients)
  • Monitoring of tax agent and client debt
  • Consider and action D Status requests
  • Maintain the list of current tax agents and key office holders (pursuant to Section 124C of the Tax Administration Act 1994). This list keeps track of organisations and people that have tax agent status.
  • Facilitate resolution on “exceptional issues”. For urgent issues, acknowledgment of request within 2 business days, with a mutually agreed response time set. 


Last updated: 20 Jan 2021
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