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We need to know about the changing income of our Working for Families and child support customers. Keeping us up to date makes sure you get and pay the right amounts and it keeps you out of debt. We need to know because: 

  • Working for Families is income tested, the amount we pay you depends on your income
  • child support based on a formula assessment uses the income details of both people.

Something is wrong on Jim's notice of assessment

Jim receives his notice of assessment and sees that the amount he is expected to pay, based on his income from last year, is not what he thinks it should be. Some personal details on the letter are also incorrect.

Jim logs into myIR and updates his details. He is earning less this year so he reads about the estimation process in the IR151. He believes it applies to him and completes an Estimation of income for child support (IR104) online. He receives a new notice of assessment the next week showing a new amount to pay.